SEXUAL ASSAULT HOTLINE: 303-322-7273 (English) || 303-329-0031 (Español)
For people of all gender identities

For the month of April we are partnering with The Blue Bench, a local comprehensive organization that works to eliminate sexual assault through advocacy, prevention and care. Since its founding in 1983, The Blue Bench has helped more than 450,000 individuals on their path towards healing. From the earliest moments after sexual assault, through medical and legal processes to counseling for long-term emotional and functional health, the Care Team at The Blue Bench is taking every possible step towards the potential of healing and the elimination of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault by the Numbers

In Colorado alone, 1 in 4 women & 1 in 17 men will experience
attempted or completed sexual assault in their lifetime.

More than 700 people are sexually assaulted in the U.S every day.

60% of assaults go unreported.

90 - 98% of rape reports are true.

97% of perpetrators will never spend a day in jail.

Statistics from CDCP, 2010 & US Department of Justice, 2010


What You Can Do To Eliminate Sexual Violence

  • As a concerned citizen you can:

SPEAK UP when you hear inappropriate or sexist comments.
Treat all people with respect and promote equality for everyone.
Be open to learning and talking about sexual violence.
Change the culture within your friends and family so that it is
okay to talk about sexual violence and to ask for help if needed.

  • As a parent or caregiver you can:

Explain to kids that no one has a right to look at or touch
another persons private parts without permission. It is ok to say NO.
Encourage children to come to you or a trusted adult to talk about
anything that is bothering or confusing them.
Encourage your child and their school to participate in
developmentally-appropriate prevention programming.



  • What is sexual assault?

The FBI's definition of rape as of January 6, 2012 is "the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without consent of the victim." Consent is an explicit agreement of free will between two people who are actively saying yes to specific sexual behavior.

  • How do I know if it was sexual assault?

Anytime a person is forced to engage in a sexual act, they have experienced sexual assault. This includes using coercion, unfair pressure or threats. Rape is often depicted in the media as a stranger violently attacking a random female; however, more often sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows. People of all gender identities can experience sexual assault.

  • Who is to blame?

The victim is NEVER to blame. Rape is a crime of hatred, aggression, power and control; not sex. Victim blaming is holding the victim of a crime responsible or partially responsible of the crime committed. It releases the perpetrator from responsibility for the crime. Focusing on the victim's activities and behavior encourages criminals to take no responsibility for their actions.


The Pathway to Prevention & Continuum of Care

Empower, educate and prevent sexual assault.

24/7 bilingual Sexual Assault Hotlines for men & women.
Hospital response available 24 hours a day.
Case Manager to navigate logistics and referrals.

Someone I Love Workshop for family and friends


  • Coping Skills Group
  • Survivor Groups
  • Therapeutic Yoga Group
  • Art Group
  • Men's Group
  • Individual Therapy

Youth Programs
Young Adult Programs
Adult Programs


For the month of April, 5% of our total proceeds will go towards The Blue Bench organization.