Blessing Bags Part Two

In August we created a GoFundMe page in order to raise money to create blessing bags for our homeless neighbors. Watch our video to find out what happened:

Thank you again for the donations, support and love. We strive to continue giving back to those in need throughout our city. If you are interested in creating Blessing Bags to hand out around your neighborhood, find more information and helpful tips below:


Use this shopping list to get started creating your own Blessing Bags:

  • 1 - 2 boxes of gallon size Ziplock bags
  • 5 Toothbrush - 2 packs
  • 10 Toothpaste
  • 5 Packs of Tissues
  • Lip Balm
  • Individually Packaged Soap
  • 10 Travel Size Shampoo
  • 10 Travel Size Conditioner
  • Box of Crackers
  • Box of Granola Bars
  • 2 Packages of Applesauce
  • Carton of Bottled Water
  • 20 Hand Warmers
  • 10 Hats
  • 10 Pairs of Gloves
  • 10 Pairs of Socks
  • 5 Scarves
  • 5 Handkerchiefs
  • Change for bus
  • Map of homeless shelters



  1. Hit up the local dollar store to get the majority of your items and best bang for your buck.
  2. Buy in bulk. Big Lots is another great place to find items packaged in bulk for under $3.
  3. Items can differ depending on where you live. If you are located in Arizona or Florida, swap out hand warmers for sunglasses and gloves for sunscreen.
  4. Create bags specifically for women. Include feminine hygiene products and package them with pink or red items for easy indication.
  5. While assembling, unwrap and organize items for quick and easy packaging.
  6. Keep a few Blessing Bags stored in your vehicle to hand out at anytime.
  7. Be polite. If someone doesn't accept a Blessing Bag, simply keep it for the next person!



Thank you for tuning in, until next time!

- A & B