Operation Homefront

Photo by @victorofvalencia

Photo by @victorofvalencia

With the holiday season in full swing, it is easy to become distracted by last minute to-do's and high stress holiday cheer. Take a quick moment and a deep breath, read these humbling stories of wounded warriors and learn how you can help them fight through their hardships and get back on the right track to start a new year:


"After having more surgery to repair injuries sustained during his service and deployment, this National Guard member needed assistance with daily living activities. His spouse requested leave from work to care for him, was denied, and then terminated from her job. Now the family is faced with losing their apartment because of the loss of income and gap until benefits are paid."

"Already 100% disabled as a result of his combat tours, this veteran was in a car accident that further aggravated his injuries. Unable to work for some time, he is now at risk of losing his home. Help us prevent him from becoming another statistic and assist with back mortgage payments to prevent foreclosure."

"This combat injured Iraq veteran moved his family to be closer to a support system for all of them while he recovers. Though assured they would have a place to stay by family, a sudden change has left them worried about where they will live. With your help with rent and security, we can give them a place to call home for the holidays."

"This Army veterans has had a tough time after losing his job as a result of his injuries and post-traumatic stress. Though he was able to take the time to work on his health, it has been tougher to get back on his feet financially. He is working with one of our partners for career and benefit assistance, and we have been asked to help with rent and car payments. Together, we can help this soldier on the path to a stable future."

"This medically retired wounded combat veteran recently relocated to be closer to his son during the veteran's treatment and vocational rehabilitation. The move, along with a delay in receipt of benefits, have put him in a financial crisis just as he was ready to begin moving forward. With your support with housing costs, we can help him and his son over this obstacle and get them back on track."

A portion of our proceeds from every purchase made throughout the month of December will go directly toward these wounded warriors and their families. You can also donate directly by clicking the button below each story. To read more stories Click Here.

Please keep these veterans and combat warriors in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season!


Love & Light

- A & B