After just over a year of creating and selling handmade and up-cycled art through our online Etsy shop, we were ready to take our thinking and our business to the next level. We wanted something that would push us out of our comfort zones and open us to learning more about local artists, events and the world of business. We have meticulously planned, failed, succeeded and learned from our process so far, but we are only just beginning. Two weeks ago, we purchased a beautiful 1991 Chevy P30 Step Van with the vision of turning her into a traveling art boutique. Not only that, it also gives us a space to host classrooms and study groups, haul supplies and food, cater to events and parties, and actively give back to Colorado communities and beyond.

The truth is, this all started off as a simple dream. Somewhere between all the episodes of Shark Tank and the frustration of a 9 - 5 life, this dream of becoming an entrepreneur and owning a small business sounded appealing. We had no idea what the hell we were getting ourselves into. We started with the Small Business Development Center, meeting with market analysts and accountants. We met with banks and merchant services, we shopped for trucks and RV’s. We wrote a business plan and created a start-up budget and a break-even analysis and we filed taxes. We cried a little and shouted once or twice but we have also found great joy in this mysterious little journey.

Whether it’s how to remove carpet and beat blast a truck or how to have more patience with ourselves and each other, we are learning something new every step of the way. We whole-heartedly believe in this entire process. We are still doing a lot of dreaming but now we are also pursuing. We envision creating a space that can showcase the freshest local art and apparel. A space that can haul donated sleeping bags to the homeless shelters and free art supplies to elementary kids. A space where a group of strangers can get together and plant a small garden and learn about each other and soil. A space to create and learn and love and give back. We have so much knowledge to gain but it is a beautiful thing to be living life in such a way that you can’t wait for the future yet you are cherishing every passing moment. 

As we work on the truck we will post updates, photos, blogs and maybe even a video! Love and support mean everything to us and we invite anyone and everyone to share a piece of this journey with us!


Love & Light


-A & B