Meet the Children of St. Jude's


Brent has become close knit with the kitchen crew and Chef Miles at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He considers himself a chef-in-the-making. His favorite dish? Macaroni & cheese pizza.

"Brent loves the process of making a meal," said his mom, Jill. "The cutting, the prep work and the togetherness of a warm kitchen. If he's at a stove, he's happy."

Brent has been at St. Jude since 2011 fighting a cancer of the nervous system called neuroblastoma. His treatment includes an antibody therapy medicine that is produced right on the St. Jude campus. The hospital has been inventing treatments that have increased the childhood cancer survival rate from 20 to 80 percent since it opened just 50 years ago. A portion of our proceeds from the month of September will go to St. Jude's to help them pursue their mission: 


"We won’t stop until no child dies from cancer."


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Mabry is 3 years old, a princess, and currently battling a scary dragon at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia (blood cancer) in August of 2014 and has been working through a three year long treatment plan ever since. Her parents, like any others, initially shocked, heartbroken and scared, found immediate relief when walking through the doors at St. Jude’s. Families and staff come together through tremendous circumstances to provide the most comfortable treatment for children like Mabry. She loves wearing sparkly dresses and giving hugs to other children and St. Jude is making it possibly for her family and others to live happily ever after!


"This place will always be a part of me."

-Jenny, Mabry's Mom


Watch Mabry talk about her battle with cancer and see how her magical spirit is helping her and her family cope.


10% of all proceeds from the month of September will go directly to the patients of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For more information, please visit our Current Campaign page.