An Open Letter To All Women

First and foremost we owe you a generous thank you. If you are reading this that means we have successfully beat the millions of advertisements for beauty products, work out clothing, accessories, yoga pants, shoes, career possibilities, political agendas and ‘people you may know’ at getting your bold, beautiful mind focused on exactly what we have to say. What you will find here is none of those things, however. Because while many companies, establishments and individuals may be bent on telling you what you need to buy or say or do or be to improve upon yourself, we are here to simply say that we think you are wonderful - just the way you are.

In a world that seems to be continually folding under violence, hate and fear, it is more important than ever for us to stand up - together - and continue breaking the barriers that have been placed before us. For your reassurance, this is not a political or controversial letter. This is not a “To-Do” list or a bash session on men, either. This is simply a letter to tell you that you are doing absolutely fucking fantastic. You are doing great! You are a creation of purpose, love and beauty. In this exact moment of time, you are everything you are supposed to be. Keep going, keep fighting, keep loving and learning and struggling and surviving and succeeding and I promise you that wonderful things will fall into place. Wonderful things will happen in your life.

Ladies: despite your background, your ethnicity, your religion, your job, martial status, political views, heath or habits, flaws or perfections - we all simply want the same things out of life. We all want happiness, success, love and respect. We all want to be admired and find people we can admire in return. We all want to be seen and appreciated for exactly who we are. That much is clear. But ladies, know this, too: there is no reason that one woman's success is the equivalent of anothers’ failure. There is no reason that one woman's achievements can't be an achievement for all of us. There is no reason that we can’t go further in life by helping others pursue their goals rather than pushing them aside to pursue our own. Know that there is a time, a place and an opportunity for all of us to accomplish our dreams. Know that we can collectively push the boundaries, open minds and break barriers. Know that you CAN and you MAY think for yourself - despite what the world is constantly telling you. Most importantly, know that you are not alone. And for those days that feel heavy, like the entire world is against you - know that we are here encouraging you to keep going. We believe in the idea that history is being created everyday by women just like you and me. We believe in the power of togetherness, mindfulness and hope. Mostly, though, we believe in you.

So, as Woman’s History Month comes to an end, I encourage you to do just one thing: find the light in the women around you. Be inspired by other’s stories, triumphs and defeats. Learn more about how you can push others towards their goals and be an open ear or shoulder for those who need it, as we all sometimes do. By doing this, we not only strengthen our respect for one another, but we open doors for others and ourselves. Humility and kindness are some of the strongest qualities we can put out into the universe. And with all of the negative energy constantly fighting for our attention, it is no doubt that true, honest and real change start with belief in one another.

This is an open and honest letter to you, the woman finding her place in this world; to the student, to the teacher, to the 9 - 5er, the overnighter, the businesswoman, the janitor, the coach, the lawyer, the hairstylist, construction worker, fashionista and military troop.  To the nurses, doctors, athletes, artists, musicians, dancers, authors, poets. To the mothers, homemakers, sisters, cousins, aunties and grandmas. To the entrepreneurs, the scientists, the grocery store clerks. To the travelers, free spirits, and the shy girls. Whether you’re left or right, big or small, black or white, young or old, lost or found, whether you wear tennis shoes or high heels, dirty jeans or mini skirts, whether you wear make-up or not - know: you are beautiful, purposeful, inspiring, intelligent and completely adored. 

Thank you for being you.


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