10 Positive Notes to Start the Day


10 Positive Notes to Start the Day

Grab a journal and light up an incense or a candle. Meditate on, reflect over and jot down these 10 Positive Notes to help set your intentions for a joyous day.

  1. Center yourself, release any fears, and move completely into faith. Tell the Universe you are ready.

  2. You can and deserve to stand tall.

  3. Leave the Ego out. Learn and create from the heart.

  4. Do not self-berate. Do not criticize, lament or judge. Just redirect your thoughts back to where your desired focus is.

  5. Do the work of exploring what you really want. Name it, affirm it, and claim it as though it’s already true.

  6. Your Power is Now.

  7. Invert all fear and turn it into Faith. Trust the inner and outer guidance to work in Harmony.

  8. Every part of you is important and full of possibilities.

  9. Be vulnerable. Acknowledge the feelings happening within you. Process them. Accept them.

  10. Let go of anything no longer serving you. Move up the frequency scale. The truth is: anything is possible.

Choose to do one or more of the items below to restore your spirit and bring yourself back into balance this week.

20 minutes of Yoga

5 Minute Guided Meditation

Epsom Salt Bath

24 Hour Social-Media Fast



Eight Hours of Sleep