November Campaign: Native American Rights Fund

Not only is it more important than ever to dig into our nation’s history for clues, but recently our hearts have been called to help serve the voices of a people nearly forgotten. For the month of November and beyond we intend to spread awareness, raise voices and collectively work together to understand the Native American’s continuous battle for basic rights. The Native American Rights Fund ‘is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending the rights of Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide.’ *

NARF’s priorities include:

Preserving tribal existence
Protecting tribal natural resources
Promoting Native American human rights
Holding governments accountable to Native Americans
Developing Indian Law
educating the public about Indian rights, laws and issues

In reflection, much of our nation is oddly asleep on the history, culture and frankly appalling foundation on which we stand. Where we are exposed to everyday mascots (literally and figuratively speaking) the miss on Indigenous loss speaks volumes to the systems we abide by today. Treading carefully with politics, we admit that even our ignorance gets the very best of us at times. Selling dreamcatchers and arrowhead jewelry for profit, falling into seemingly dire trends and using alarming keywords for return investments. Although we cannot argue our complete innocence, we can create a dialog for change.

For a moment, imagine having your family forcibly relocated by corrupt government rule to a small, concentrated area with little resources and no address. Now, because you have no address, it actually inhibits your ability to vote and have a voice! The government “apologizes” for their own misdirection, flaw and inconvenience but make no action to correct it. How silenced and unimportant would you feel?

This example is a mere, modern blip on the radar. The atrocities that continue to push the Original peoples of America into the ground need to be brought to light. We cannot change history nor do our apologies make change for it, but we can spark positive thinking and create a wave of awareness that will wash up on the shores of what is good and what is right.

How can you help?

Have a conversation. Ask a friend, family member, co-worker or mentor what they remember about Native American history. Talk about the things you were taught in school and inform yourselves of the chronicled events that brought us to present day. Below are some great resources for quick reads and informative narratives. Speak about how it makes you feel. Imagine how it must feel/must have felt for Native Americans. Understand there are two sides to every story. Explore these ideas and see what kind of understanding, compassion and enlightenment it brings you, if any.

Consider sharing our blog and campaign to spread our words and thoughts and hopefully assist in directing realization, recognition and an eagerness for change. BLOG

Want to chat but don’t know how to spark that conversation? Drop your thoughts and questions below!

5% of our proceeds from November will go to the Native American Rights Fund.

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